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We are constantly developing advanced tools to enable the use of newts and axolotls as research models

Optical clearing & Light-sheet microscopy

Cleared head thymus.jpg

Salamander‐Eci: An optical clearing protocol for the three‐dimensional exploration of regeneration

Cellular senescence detection in vivo & in vitro

Axolotl cell_actin_tubulin_hoeschtYUN.ti

A detailed protocol for the identification and characterisation of senescent cells in salamander tissues, as well as induction and detection of cell senescence in cultures.

Baculovirus-mediated gene delivery

Bv limb.jpg

A refined protocol for efficient transduction of salamander tissues using pseudotyped baculoviruses.

The P. waltl Genome Project


In a joint effort with the Simon and Leigh labs, we performed the high-coverage sequencing, annotation and chromosome-scale assembly of the giant P. waltl newt genome. Click here for accessing the genome sequence.

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